A single Bakemono is barely a threat to any opponent, but in sizable numbers the Horde can become a notable threat. As such they are rarely seen in small Warbands,

Bat Rider -

Bakemono Boomers - Utilizing a Prefecture Rifle, this Bakemono duo act as the warband's sniper team.

Nian Rider -

Okina and Otto - The Bakemono drumers.

Rinsho - A huge Bakemono whose size matches some of the Onishio

Tra-Peng - The trapper. Almost a MUST HAVE in any Wave Warband.

Tribal Brutes - Durable and dumb, often used as tar-pits for foes to deal with.

  • Uk-Kang - Leader of the Bakemono Brutes. Smart enough to act as a bodyguard but still a brute

Wu-Zang - Father of shadows

Xi-Han - A sneaky Bakemono who uses toxin tip arrows to cause disorder in the enemy ranks.

  • Zoo - Turning his toxins on himself, Xi-Han takes on this mighty form to smash his foes in melee.

Zung-Fu -